Book Review: Paper Towns


 Paper Towns is John Green’s third novel. Published in 2008, it followed Looking For Alaska and An Abundance of Katherine’s. Having read a couple of John’s works in the past, I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting myself into: great stories and characters I’d fall in love with. In that sense, PaperTowns didn’t disappoint. Nor did it disappoint in any other way.
The story follows Quentin who works tirelessly to find Margo, the girl next door he’s known since he was a child. Already infamous for running away from home, Margo always leaves subtle clues behind, eluding to her whereabouts. Quentin can’t seem to keep Margo off his mind after she insists he join her in an 11 phase excursion. When she disappears, he follows clues and his thoughts. He soon questions if she has disappeared for the sake of running away, or something more permenant.
Some would argue this book was predictable, or seemed eerily similar to Looking For Alaska, and maybe that’s true. But I chose to read this book specifically because I wanted something with the same feel as that particular novel. I absolutely adore this book. It’s a short read at just 305 pages. It is also a page turner. I read the book, from start to finish in under two days. There’s something about books being broken into parts that makes them seem shorter.
I recommend this book to anyone who’s looking for an unconventional love story with real feelings and emotion.
I’ve rated Paper Towns 4 stars. The ending did not invoke a strong emotional response. This is not to say the ending wasn’t fitting for the story. It may invoke a response in other readers which it did not invoke in me, and that is the beauty of books.


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Krissi Mae is a 30 year old writer & Creative Writing Major residing in Arizona. She identified her love of reading at a young age with The Frog and the Toad & Goosebumps, followed by R.L. Stines Fear Street series, and of course Harry Potter. Though she knew she wanted to be a writer from a young age, she didn't pursue it out of fear it wouldn't bring her financial stability. After losing her father in early 2018, she realized the importance of following her heart. She now lives in happiness with her best friend and fiancé.

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