We’re Married!

On April 5th, Jon and I tied the knot at Treasure Island in Las Vegas. It was a pure magic!


I want to make a big wedding post once I get my photos from the venue and photographer. But, this is my favorite shot so far, taken by the lovely Gabby Canario at The Venetian.

The day flew by, but was filled with so much magic and happiness. We even took a ride on the Gondolas.

Any bride will tell you, planning a wedding is stressful. We will also tell you it’s completely worth it.

Meet my husband Jon. He will be a larger part of this blog going forward. We met online in 2015, began dating in September. We were engaged April 5th 2018 at Disneyland, and married April 5th 2019 in Vegas.

He is a damn good artist and specializes in skull drawings and paintings.

I can’t wait to show him off throughout my posts here. I think you’ll see how truly happy he makes me.

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Krissi Mae is a 30 year old writer & Creative Writing Major residing in Arizona. She identified her love of reading at a young age with The Frog and the Toad & Goosebumps, followed by R.L. Stines Fear Street series, and of course Harry Potter. Though she knew she wanted to be a writer from a young age, she didn't pursue it out of fear it wouldn't bring her financial stability. After losing her father in early 2018, she realized the importance of following her heart. She now lives in happiness with her best friend and fiancé.

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