Q&A A Day #1


I’m starting a new series on the blog called Q&A A Day. The prompts are from a five year journal of the same name. I won’t promise to post every single one, but those that inspire me to write more than a few lines will probably be posted. So, without further ado, Q&A A Day #1.

Question: Is life fair? Yes? No? Sometimes? Not today?

Answer: Life is absolutely not fair, but that’s just life. We all have to play the hands we’ve been dealt to the best of our abilities. It’s not always easy. We don’t control the hand we’ve been dealt, but we do control how we react to it and the situations that come across our plates in life.

There is no such thing as a perfect life, though it can feel that way at times if all we do is compare ourselves to others. An aspiring writer you can look at Stephen King and say he’s had it easy. He’s a successful writer. Meanwhile I can’t even get published. But you don’t know Tabitha pulled a finished draft of Carrie out of the trash can. You don’t know that he had all of his rejection letters nailed to the wall until the nail was no longer strong enough to support all tangible proof of his so called failures, so he switched to a stake instead.

So, no. Life isn’t fair. But life is what you make it and that is something you have complete contrll of.


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Krissi Mae is a 30 year old writer & Creative Writing Major residing in Arizona. She identified her love of reading at a young age with The Frog and the Toad & Goosebumps, followed by R.L. Stines Fear Street series, and of course Harry Potter. Though she knew she wanted to be a writer from a young age, she didn't pursue it out of fear it wouldn't bring her financial stability. After losing her father in early 2018, she realized the importance of following her heart. She now lives in happiness with her best friend and fiancé.

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